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New version Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6.7 was released!

2020-02-06 09:46

What's new?

  • Bug fixes    
  • Hamburger menu                 
  • Header and navigation structure changed                 
  • Responsive versions of slider images                 
  • Support for photos in a modern .webp format                 
  • Template inheritance                 
  • New CSS class in the BODY element                 
  • Thumbnails of photos in the admin panel files list                 
  • New version of jQuery library                 
  • CSS variables (custom properties)                 
  • Inactive link in the menu                 
  • Additional informations on the list of subpages in admin panel                 
  • List of subpages without a link and a photo enlargement from pages list                 
  • AJAX technology in selected forms                 
  • Buttons to add a page in the pages list                 
  • Hints in the page edit form                 
  • Navigation path in the admin panel                 
  • Link on client side - to the list of subpages in admin panel from                 
  • Hide items in the panel menu                 
  • Navigation path in the list of subpages                 
  • Information about pages related with tags and widgets                 
  • Improved slider sets                 
  • Extended CSV export data                 
  • Integration with the Slick library                 
  • Pages relations with features data and user groups                 
  • Users and newsletter integration

 Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6.7 from now on has no add-ons with shop functions such as: product and order management.
We moved these options to the new CMS edition which development is in progress. It will be a CMS system crafted to create a fully functional online store.