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Terms and condition

§1 Initial informations

  1. The following Terms and conditions determine rules of use of the shopping cart available at sklep.studiostrona.pl, where you can order software (Quick.Cms.Ext and Quick.Cart.Ext), customer support service and link removal option.
  2. In this section you can find information about order processing, software license, software requirements and its limits.
  3. There terms and conditions are in effect since April 3, 2015

§2 Definitions

  1. Operator of this shopping cart is "StudioStrona Zbigniew Sztandera" company, 35-328 Rzeszów, Ossolińskich 21, VAT Number: PL 8130133778.
  2. Customer is company that places an order with Studiostrona.pl. 
  3. Software is every paid editions of the script i.e. Quick.Cms.Ext or Quick.Cart.Ext.
  4. Producer  of Quick.Cms.Ext and Quick.Cart.Ext systems  is OpenSolution Ewa Zawada, ul. Fabryczna 23/1, 43-440 Goleszów, NIP: 548-217-41-54.

§3 Order placing method

In the order form you can choose bank account payment or PayPal. After sending order:

  1. we verify customer data and then send payment details
  2. if you have selected PayPal option, the order is completed within 1-2 workdays since making payment (payment goes instantly to our account) - invoice in EUR currency,
  3. if you have selected bank transfer, the order is completed within 5-6 workdays since making payment (transfer between banks can take few days) - invoice in EUR currency.
  4. Special orders like "Migration and data transfer from old version" are completed at the time agreed by e-mail
  5. For EU companies which don't have an active EU VAT number the price will be increased by 23% (VAT tax)
  6. If you are not sure about order summary price, contact us to confirm before making the payment,  we will verify order data and send you payment details, it takes few hours during workdays
  7. Placing an order is possible only after logging in. If a customer doesn't have an account, to which he or she can log in, registration on the Operator's website is required. Creating an account is necessary to: order processing; tracking its status; access to tech support, skins and plugins; storing order history to calculate discounts

§4 Order processing, order lead time

An order is completed within several hours (2 work days at most) since the money transfer to the given account is realized. To the provided email address we will send e-mail with:

  • electronic invoice,

also if subject of the order was software:

  • the purchased software in Polish or English language version in form of a ZIP archive 
  • software's license

§5 Additional information regarding the software and its update

  1. The software is released under EXT the license »
  2. In order for the software to work properly, the following server requirements must be met:
    • PHP version 5.6.x or  7.0.x - 7.3.x (min. 7.2.x for Quick.Cms)
    • mail() function enabled to allow email sending from different addresses and domains,
    • PHP allow_url_fopen option enabled to allow working of "Bug fix checker" and "Plugins" functions.
    • additionally for Quick.Cms.Ext v6.x and Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6.x it is required to:
      • enabled PDO library to handle SQLite database
      • mod_rewrite enabled in Apache to handle friendly links
    Read detailed requirements for Quick.Cart.Ext v6.x   and for Quick.Cms.Ext v6.x and Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6.x
  3. Before buying, explore possibilities and functions of the software on a demo version Quick.Cms.Ext v6.x, or Quick.Cart.Ext v6.x
  4. Some servers have specific settings, that prevent the software from working properly. Take a look at the most common problems »that occur with the Software.
  5. The software was created for small websites and shopping carts. It's much more efficient than the competition, but it has its limits. Read about limitations of Quick.Cart.Ext v6.x,  Quick.Cms.Ext v6.x
  6. The most popular functions are installed in the Software. The warranty covers these functions as well as the Software. Demonstrational versions include more functionalities to familiarize a Customer with possibilities of some popular free plugins. The list of functions installed in the Software is available at the: compare Quick.Cms.Ext » or compare Quick.Cart.Ext » pages.
  7. Free plugins that require additional installation on the software sent by the Operator are not covered by the warranty and the Operator is not liable for damages arising from plugins working or not working correctly.
  8. The plugins are released under a separate license agreement, which you should read before installing or using the plugins. The license agreement for Quick.Cms.Ext v6.x and Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6.x plugins is available at http://opensolution.org/license-plugins.pdf. License agreements for Quick.Cart.Ext v6.x and Quick.Cms.Ext v5.x are available are available with the plugins' installation instructions.
  9. When purchasing Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6.x the Customer receives Quick.Cms.Ext v6.x and is granted access to all plugins dedicated to this Software. The customer also is granted access to plugins on the list of Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6.x plugins
  10. Quick.Cms.Ext v6.x and Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6.x plugins will be available to install for a year since the software was purchased.
  11. We do not share additional EXT skins, converters and advanced (for OpenSolution's partners), documentation for systems Quick.Cms.Ext V6.x, Quick.Cms.Ext + Quick.Cart.Ext v6.x. 
  12. In individual cases, and only with the purchase of a full license, it is possible to include access to advanced documentation but some of the options available may be limited by the Producer only for partners.
  13. In individual cases it is possible special access to max. 3 skins. Additional skins are made by other companies. Additional skins are not part of Quick.Cart.Ext v6.x or Quick.Cms.Ext c6.x systems.

§6 Additional update information

  1. When purchasing software's update, please give us website name you're updating.
  2. The customer receives fully working software, that does not require (unless requested by the customer) making any changes to the older software's version.
  3. The customer may use only one version of the software.
  4. The latest release of the software is significantly different from the previous versions. Read about differences between specific versions of the software Quick.Cms.Ext or Quick.Cart.Ext
  5. The customer who ordered software's update does not receive database conversion service from the Operator.

§7 Customer support service

  1. Support period
    A customer is granted at maximum 3 hours of tech support within 6 months. If this time is used up, a customer can buy another tech support package. Upgrade Licenses are not covered by free support.
  2. Reply time
    A reply to a question sent to us will be granted within 24 hours at maximum on workdays (Monday through Friday)
  3. Contact channels
    Tech support is provided through eomail info@studiostrona.pl 
  4. Scope
    Tech support can provide help with software's use, simple modifications, principles of how chosen functions work and general use tips. It's usually in form of tips, not ready-made solutions. Implementing a modification according to tips we provide is something a customer must do on his or her own. Modifying the software requires some basic knowledge of: internet browsers, text editors, FTP server connections, HTML/CSS and sometimes PHP languages.
    Technical support service does not include programmer's work, detailed instructions of modifications and other specialized work.
  5. Price
    Each next tech support package costs 56 EUR (excl. tax).

§8 Final provisions

  1. The customer commits to paying for his or her order within 14 days since placing the order. After this time Operator will cancel the order and the agreement will be not concluded.
  2. Any additional understandings and requests put in order's comment must be separately agreed on via email with the Operator.
  3. Any inpidual and additional understandings between the Operator and the Customer must be settled in written form or be confirmed electronically, otherwise they shall be found null and void.
  4. Termination of the Agreement by the User does not create any obligations on  Operator (StudioStrona) and Producer (OpenSolution) including refund of the purchase or usage costs.